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Why Open Domestic Infant Adoptions is Better than Closed Adoption

The true history of the adopted child’s birth parents is not revealed in closed adoption. When they grow up, these children that were on closed adoption process will develop a sense of incomplete identity.

These children who are not sure of their historical past do not really feel grounded in the present. If a child starts questioning his own origin, then he will being to feel uneasy with his present family and home.

If a child knows where he came from, he will be better equipped at making healthy decisions about where he wishes to go because he has a better understanding and sense of self identity. The birth parents, knowing who adopted their child, will also have less guilt especially if they see that the child has a good life. In reality, ancestry is not necessarily need for self actualization.

On-going access to information is one of the benefits of open domestic adoption. Access to information regarding answers to why they were given up instead of giving the child psychological trauma from wondering with incomplete information will be answered with an ease of access to the source.

There will be a sense of distrust for the birth parents if there is no information about them. and this is true for closed adoption. This secrecy and lack of communication creates negative feelings about the birth family and the fear that they may try to contact the child and shatter the protective layer the adoptive parents have built so carefully.

Insecurity will be lessened on the part of the child and the parents in open adoptions since they will be able to cultivate a healthy relationship with the birth parents. There will be no fear of slip ups or shocking information about the adoption if everything is in the open.

If there is open adoption and the child is brought in for medical emergencies, the birth parents can be a source of compatible organs or as blood donors. Access to people with the same DNA would come in very handy in these moments. Sometimes the difference between life and death lies in the availability of information regarding health issues or the family medical history.

When children know that they were not abandoned, just loved enough to have been carefully chosen a better home for, they are definitely more likely to develop a concrete sense of personal familial security that leads to high levels of self confidence.

If you have two sets of parents to love and be loved by is a benefit that cannot be countered

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